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Get expertise influence in your market. Network with influencers that will with their experince in the industry, trust in your brand and influence to their audience get your product recognised,

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Reach your direct market with campaigns tailored for your gaming brand.

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What if there was a way to elavate your videogame, your idea or just your recognition to the market?

​Targetagency represents whats possibe when influencers gets togheter and form a network to market your brand.​ We work alongside you to find your personalized campaign and maximizes your results.

Targetagency keeps your consumer engaged in your product. Portray your brand with trust, value and remove obstacles to tap into your true creativity.

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Put your brand and product first

To ensure we're maximizing your results we tailor every marketing campaign after your goals, ambitions and products.

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We work with you and lookate your direct market.

Influencer discovery

We handpick a list of influencers on Tiktok to match your brand, product and consumers.